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2nd SPACE Habitation Conference (June 20 - 21, 2014 @ Orlando, Florida)

Our Second Space Habitation Conference will focus on the areas of the humanities, science, and technology to further SPACE's goal of building a spacefaring civilization. Space humanities not only deals with public engagement and education but also neglected topics such as policy, economics, and law specific to the space sector. For instance, legal ownership of outer space is an issue that remains to be resolved. Space science is the study of what's out there through astronomy and cosmochemistry and also what's inside all of us in areas such as space medicine and space agriculture. Space technology is the construction and engineering of space habitats and spacecrafts for both robotic and manned purposes.

SPACE Retreat (January 8 - 21, 2013 @ Tenerife, Canary Islands)

"Writers' Retreats" and "Writers' Conferences" have been the domain of "creative writers" - places where authors would come to find inspiration and write, and sometimes receive feedback from an established author; some writer retreats also offer creative writing workshops, craft classes and agent meetings. The SPACE Retreat will be established using the "Writers' Retreat" concept as a model which will be improved and adapted to the specific needs of the space research community.

The "Space Retreat" concept follows the paradigm shift that occurred with the invention of "unconferences" - events where the participants themselves take on the role of organizers and establish the conference agenda "on the go". Just as an unconference is the counterpart of an orthodox conference, the Space Retreat is a participant-driven "summer / winter un-iversity" - the counterpart of a traditional summer/winter school. Here's a brochure of the SPACE Retreat.

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SPACE: From Foray to Habitation Conference (July 9-10, 2012 @ Isle of Man, British Isles)

Bringing together like-minded visionaries from industry, government, and academia as well as serving as the opening ceremony of the Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers (SPACE), the 1.5 day SPACE: From Foray to Habitation conference on July 9-10, 2012 at the Sefton Hotel of the Isle of Man has garnered much attention.

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