SPACE :: Who We Are

The Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers (SPACE) is a space educational and research institution founded in January 2012 on the Isle of Man with the explicit purpose of pushing for permanent habitation of humans in space by Shen Ge, Neha Satak, Hyerim Kim, Roy Tucker, and Darkhan Alimzhanov. Previous temporary contractors have included Rachael Hyland and Diana Mutascu. Since 2014 June, Shen Ge and Darkhan Alimzhanov are no longer part of the core team of SPACE. Presently, the core team is composed of Neha Satak, Hyerim Kim, Roy Tucker, and Virgiliu Pop.

We combines an educational program with actual, hands-on space system development and research. The fundamental thesis is that exploration is education, and that scholarly instruction and research are merely two aspects of discovery. The ultimate goal of the SPACE is to develop technologies and people with the knowledge to ensure long-term space habitation.

Core Team of 2014

Neha Satak

Neha Satak is a recent doctoral graduate from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. She received her Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, India. There she worked on Micro Air Vehicle design, fabrication and autonomous control. She also received the best Master Thesis Award (Gold Medal) for her Masters Thesis. Her undergraduate degree is in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Rajasthan University. She is also an Amelia Earhart Fellow for the year 2010-2011. Her interest lies in developing the commercial space industry through electronics and guidance and control implementation.

Hyerim Kim

Hyerim Kim is a Ph.D. student in Aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University and received her B.S. in Astronomy and Space science and B.E. in Mechanical informatics engineering from Kyung Hee University, South Korea in 2009. Her research interests include space mission design, optimal control, and optical imaging. Currently her research focuses on low energy trajectory design for exploration, mitigation and mining of Near-Earth Asteroids.

Roy Tucker

Roy Tucker received a B.S. in physics from Memphis State University in 1978 and his M.S. degree in Scientific Instrumentation from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1981. He has been involved with many astronomically-oriented electro-optical instrumentation efforts with institutions such as Kitt Peak National Observatory, the National Solar Observatory, and the Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory. Roy currently is a Senior Engineer at the University of Arizona’s Imaging Technology Laboratory. Using instrumentation of his own construction, he has discovered hundreds of asteroids and many other objects. He is a co-discoverer of the Earth-threatening asteroid (99942) Apophis.

Virgiliu Pop

Mr. Virgiliu Pop conducts research in the fields of space law, policy, and astro-sociology, and presents on space research at international conferences. He lectured (SSP11 - space and society) at the International Space University, and attended several law schools in Romania and Scotland for his undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral studies. He is one of world's specialists on the issue of space property rights, having published several refereed papers and two books, one of which - "Who Owns the Moon? Extraterrestrial Aspects of Land and Mineral Resources Ownership" was featured in the New York Times Magazine.